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         The plans were laid before the foundations of the world, with collaboration between the late Mother Annie B. Williams and Presiding Bishop Morilene Thompson of Saint Rest Holiness Church, Inc.
Confirmation was given through a vision to Elder Roland T. McKoy, III to establish a church in Durham, North Carolina. It was to be called "THE GREATER FAITH HOLINESS CHURCH."

         The vision began to unfold on April 6, 1995 and with 7 members, The Greater Faith Holiness Church was established, meeting at the home of Deacon Alford Williams and Mother Annie B. Williams, with the church being incorporated in the state of North Carolina on June 6,1995.

         God changes people and people change things and Co-Pastor Annie L. McKoy was led to a vacant church building at 2300 Lednum Street, with the first service being held on July 15, 1995. Later, God blessed the church to be able to acquire the structure next to the church, which was converted to a dining hall.

         With instruction from God, and in accordance with His Word, Pastor and Co-Pastor were instructed on how to receive membership. The Greater Faith has grown with families from New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee, Maryland, California and Virginia. Through divine inspiration the Word is taught and preached that the foundation of God is "Love" for we know that the Word states, "With loving kindness have I drawn thee."
The Greater Faith Holiness church operates in the Five-Fold Ministry with a fervent desire for anyone that does not know Jesus and His saving grace, ministering to the whole man (mind, body & soul) giving Godly guidance and wisdom.

         We believe in the King James Version as our main text, Gift of the Spirit operating and flowing in the believers life, the Holy Sacraments, and our Affirmation of Faith is Psalms 119:129-136. Order our steps in your word Lord.

         The Greater Faith Holiness Church encourages you to become all that you can be as the Spirit of God leads you, and to always be in preparedness for the 2nd coming of his Son.

         Because the Lord has moved The Greater Faith Holiness Church into "Another Dimensions" in Him, God has relocated us to our new location at 2703 Holloway Street, Durham, NC.  Many prophecies today are coming forth and the vision is not only written but is becoming clear to the people of God, because "The Lord is Our Shepherd."


“Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it”

Psalms 127:1


The Greater Faith Holiness Church. Inc.

2703 Holloway Street
Durham. NC 27703



Church Pew
Church Pew


            The Lord our God has placed a vision upon God, Pastor Roland T. McKoy III, for The Greater Faith Holiness Church , Inc of Durham, NC. It is a vision of a church full of love, faith, belief, and trust.

             A church built and raised upon a " Solid Foundation", which are the words of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, where each member s rooted and grounded in the commandments and statutes of Jesus Christ.

             A church where, by the Word of God, our lives will show and be affected by the Gospel of Jesus.  Through true discipleship and worship, the church will be empowered with the "Power" from on high, allowing the Nine Spiritual Gifts to be operational in the church.

            His vision is one where God will build an edifice that is a place worthy of service for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and a place of refuge for the community a "Sanctified"and "Holy" place, where the "Spirit of God" is free.

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